"It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer is flying by so fast that I have to make myself pause and catch my breath. I am so far behind in my blog posts that more than once I have considered walking away from it entirely. It's in those moments that I have to stop and remind myself why I started a blog in the first place...and why it is what is, Sunny's Smile. I will always find myself back here because this is my escape, my place to record the simple moments (and sometimes those not so simple moments) spent with Sunny. I do this so that one day she can look back and see what a curious, creative, happy and kindhearted child her daddy and I have been blessed with. As she grows into a young adult, I want her to be able to be reminded of the beauty of the world and all of the places to seek and find simple pleasures. If ever she should loose her way or forget who she is, (and really, those four little words above don't even begin to sum up the amazing little person that she is) I want this to be a reminder to her of all the love that surrounds her, and how very much joy she brings to our days. I believe that it is the small moments, events, and milestones that should be shared and treasured for years to come. Even with all this, no matter how hard I try, each and every  post can only briefly touch on the love, as a whole, that a mother feels for her child. It's a bit like grabbing a butterfly in your fist and then letting it go instantly or like closing your eyes and inhaling deeply a breath of crisp fresh air, only to have to let it out again a moment later. It's exhilarating and fleeting all at the same time. I want to savor it and collect it in small doses all while passing out tokens of my love for her. It's such a cliche but much like summer, childhood flies by too fast. Here is the only place I know, where even just briefly, I can make time stand still.



  1. Awe! Well said. What a testament to your love. :o)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and so lucky to have such loving parents. She will love this journal of her young life, especially when she is older!
    Thank-you for sharing these special times with us!

    1. Your comments always make my day brighter ShannonAnn, thank you!