"It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Special Delivery





Sunny and I received a very special package all the way from Norway, which is very faaaaar away indeed! The gentle souls that sent it to us are dear Lilli (http://thenorthwardroute.blogspot.com/) and her adorable little Edda. As you can see by the photos, this was very exciting for us. Our box was filled with so much sweetness and love that we are planning our very own package to be sent in return. We have a few top secret ideas for it...so shhhh. ;)

I realize that I have been neglecting this space for far too long. The days slip by unnoticed I'm afraid. Truth be told, I've been too hot, too lazy, and too tired. It has been in the 90's, hot and humid and our air conditioner has been out for the past 8 days. I have been sweaty and a bit crabby. I have gone to bed early, read nightly, sat in front of the fan, enjoyed the cool breeze from the open bedside window. I have not been sitting in front of my computer (until now) because it has been simply too hot for me to do so comfortably. I honestly don't know when I became such a princess about the heat. I have lived my first 30+ years without air conditioning, and it never bothered me before now. Somewhere in the last 10 years, since having homes with air, I have become too used to the convenience of staying comfortable at all costs. Yet, I do still hate the feeling of having the windows closed and not being able to let the air in and hear the birds sing. All this aside, our house is cool once again...so here I am. I'm back at it you could say.

At bedtime S wanted to sing a lullaby to put ME to sleep. She made up this song and sang it to me so sweetly.

(For you, Lilli)

Lilli moon lightly,
The moon is shining brightly,
High up in the sky.
Here we go
 Lilli moon lightly.
The flowers are blooming,
The fairies are asleep,
The bells ring in morning time.
Lilli moon lightly,
Here we go
Lilli moon lightly.

(Sunny ~age 4)



  1. Hello you two,
    Finally the package arrived, it is wonderful news. Next time I think I will deliver it myself - at least, I wish I could. Norway is indeed far away, and so is America. The vast distance makes it even more special that we can communicate and put a smile on each other's face.

    We all smiled here, Edda is thrilled that Sunny is wearing the bracelet. Seems like that was the most important thing to her - and that she liked the rabbits. Sunny's happy face makes us happy, and I just love the song. Please tell Sunny that it's my first special lullaby ever, I will learn it by heart <3

    Isn't it strange about the weather, we had 7°C one day (about 40°F) - and that is suppose to be summer. We just have to take it, one way or the other. With these happy faces around, it's not that hard.

    Much love to you,
    Edda & Lilli

    1. What a treat that would be to find you on our doorstep. Wouldn't you be surprised to find us on yours? :)

      Sunny thought Edda's gifts were perfect. Before we even made it back into the house, she was telling me all about the package she wants to send to Edda! She is very happy that you like your song...she wants to make up another verse, the next one for Edda.

      It has been just a bit cooler the last few days, without as much humidity. Perfect summer days are here. I hope you and Edda are smiling in the sunshine.


  2. Oh the beautiful Lilli, what a special parcel indeed. Love the cheeky grin of appreciation!